Scarboro – Wolves on the Radio EP (WTF Records)

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Wow, these guys don’t hang around… Scarboro turn on, tune up and blast through the tunes on this EP in less time than it takes the Saudi government to say that they didn’t do something and then flip flop and admit that they actually did do it after all. Racing through the five insanely catchy, high speed slabs of punk rock that make up Wolves on the Radio  Scarboro, for some reason, make me think “Yeah, this is what Dzinovksi era Hladno Pivo would have sounded like if they’d been from California instead of Zagreb and had popped up on the punk rock radar in 1982 instead of a little bit later”. In other words, they’re bloody great. With one foot firmly planted in the really old school NYHC camp and the other dancing around all of the early melodic West Coast bands like D.I. and The Adolescents, these cats really can do no wrong. And Scarboro, just like the eighties punk rock scene(s) that inspired and nurtured them, are all kinds of cool… Tim Cundle

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