Christmas / Bloodlights / The Poly-Esters / Trigger McPoopshute – Split 7” (Bands)

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This here single is the punk rock equivalent of what, in Professional Wrestling circles, would be called a four way dance. Featuring a quartet of hooligan bands who all bring their A-games to the party, this four way split makes you want to challenge your neighbours to a Hardcore Death Match and after it’s over,  and while covered in their blood, do a victory dance up and down the street wearing nothing but your pants and a necklace made from their broken, busted teeth. It’s a punk rocking party and while the maximum bang for my buck is delivered by Christmas and Trigger, the Poly-Esters and Bloodlights ain’t no slouches and turn it way up to deliver a couple of belting songs that under any other circumstances, and if they were on a split with any other bands, would have stolen the show.  Time to pop around to see the neighbours, it’s fight-o-clock… Tim Cundle

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