Catherine Tate returns as Doctor Who\’s Donna Noble

Catherine Tate returns to play Chiswick’s finest with Jacqueline King reprising her role as Donna’s mum, Sylvia, and Niky Wardley playing Donna’s best pal from school, Natalie. 

Everyone’s favourite time-travelling temp Donna Noble is back for a new series of adventures. However, this time she’s left her best mate, the Doctor, behind, as she is whisked away for four new tales in space and time. 

Donna Noble: Kidnapped! is now available to own forever as a five-disc collector’s edition box set or digital download from just £19.99, via  

Donna Noble has come home. But she’s about to be abducted by aliens – and they’re not as friendly as the Doctor! 

After the trauma of the Library, Donna wants a break, to see old friends and family, to remind herself of normality. 

Only Donna’s new normal involves trips through time and space and visiting alien worlds. So when she and BFF Nat start looking into strange occurrences, they are dragged into a whole new universe of trouble… 


Donna Noble: Kidnapped! contains four exciting adventures:  

Out of this World by Jacqueline Rayner 

Donna’s home, but she’s not quite herself. Sylvia has some ideas to bring her out of herself – involving an old friend, and speed-dating… 

As schoolgirl BFFs Donna and Natalie get reacquainted, a mysterious stranger dogs their steps. Is the Doctor keeping tabs on her, or is the truth far more sinister? 

Spinvasion by John Dorney 

Donna and Nat have been stolen – along with the TARDIS – and they find themselves crash-landing on an alien world. 

On the planet Valdacki a very successful invasion is already underway. And it’s one that has the very best PR. 

The Sorcerer of Albion by James Goss 

Trying to get home, Donna and Nat end up in the right place at the wrong time – the Middle Ages! 

A monastery is under siege from the Burning Knights, and the great Sorcerer Parval calls on the assistance of another great mage. He has summoned Merlin herself – or as Nat knows her, Donna Noble! 

The Chiswick Cuckoos by Matt Fitton 

Donna’s home, but she’s not quite herself. Sylvia couldn’t be more pleased to see her daughter finally getting on with her life. 

But an alien plot is nearing completion, and the world needs saving. The Doctor is nowhere to be found, so it’s all up to Donna – and Nat! 


Producer, David Richardson recalled: “When we approached Catherine to see if she’d like to do more Tenth Doctor adventures, we also pitched the idea of Donna having her own spin-off series – and Catherine was hugely enthusiastic about the idea.  

“Niky Wardley was our first choice for Donna’s best friend, Natalie, not only because we love working with her, but her long-standing creative relationship with Catherine just inspires truly golden moments.  

Actor, Catherine Tate said: “It\’s just lovely to come back and do Donna, and especially doing it with Niky, that\’s great fun. We\’re friends, and we\’ve known each other for a long time, so there\’s a shorthand, like there is with me and David Tennant.  

“It\’s always great doing audio stuff. There are so many big ticks for audio. You don\’t have to get up too early. It\’s always warm. No one cares what you look like. And it just means you never have to let it go.” 

Director, Barnaby Edwards added: “I adore this cast. Niky Wardley makes a sensational travelling companion for Donna and their chemistry still makes me wriggle with delight. Jacqueline King is back and better than ever!  

“Plus Isla Blair, David Schofield, Lydia West, Phil Cornwell, Sebastian Armesto, Dan Starkey, Anthony Howell, Nisha Nayar, Tim Bentinck and James Joyce. These are some of my very favourite actors, and every day of the recording was a joy.”  

Donna Noble: Kidnapped! is now available as a five-disc collector’s edition box set or digital download from just £19.99, at the Big Finish website.  

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