Buzzard Canyon – Hellfire & Whiskey (Salt of the Earth Records)


If you close your eyes while listening to Hellfire & Whiskey, you can almost feel the throb of a V8, smell the lingering, sweet weed smoke, taste the PBR and sense the expectation of a road trip to some remote bar where anything and everything goes. And then your subconscious pushes you a little deeper into the dark heart of this riff driven beast and it begins to reveal its hidden mysteries, capturing you with the infernally addictive groove of its music, haunting, almost ethereal vocals and strangely alluring and thematic lyrical content. Hellfire & Whiskey is hypnotic, captivating and incredibly powerful, and whilst on the surface it adheres to  the conventions and formulae of the stoner and doom genres, the more time you spend listening to it, the more you realise that it’s so much more than just another fuzzed up, down tuned ode to the seventies. There’s a stygian magic and intelligence guiding every single second of its obsessive beauty and once you fall under its spell, it’s almost impossible to escape the claws of the Buzzard or flee the Canyon.  Forever and ever, amen… Tim Cundle


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