Broadway Lafayette – Subway Zydeco (Hound Gawd Records)

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When I read the name Mick Collins and spied the Broadway Lafayette artwork, I instantly thought I was about to be taken back to the garage with The Gories and Dirtbombs main man. I was wrong! The clue should’ve been in the title really. If you’re uneducated like me, zydeco is a form of traditional African-American music with French speaking influences that dates back to the 18th century. Here, Mick strays away from Detroit (via New York) and immerses himself in Louisiana’s deep roots.

The raw take on this hybrid of R&B, jazz, Cajun and Creole music is brought to fruition with Matt and Rocio Verta-Ray, Xavier Bray, Robin Arthur Girod and Cyril Yeterian, who join Mick on this zydeco adventure. Now, I could try and look clever and bullshit my way through a million cool reference points but I’d instantly get found out. In my ears, the most accessible overview would be The Black Keys meeting Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds for a melodeon and accordion knees-up with Gogol Bordello.

Subway Zydeco is a departure for this punk rocker; providing an energetic education into another musical world. Hey, if this small town Welshman can open his ears and mind to unfamiliar territory then I’m sure others who may expect a Mick Collins garage rock psych-out can too. Ginge Knievil

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