Berthold City – Moment of Truth 7” (War Records)

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I can’t decide whether War Records are one my favourite labels or whether I should sue them for medical expenses as their latest release, and the debut seven inch by Berthold City, whipped me into such a frenzy of slamming activity that I’m chugging back the painkillers to deal with the resultant knee and back injuries. Formed by Strife guitarist Andrew Kline (who’s taken on frontman and microphone duties with this ensemble) , Berthold City are a raging, youth crew style HC unit and the six tracks on Moment of Truth sound like a four way head on collision between Youth of Today, SSD , No For An Answer and, oddly enough, Strife. This is proper finger pointing, crazy stage diving, pit ready, sing-a-long Hardcore that’ll make you bust out all of your best moves, make your heart damn near burst out of your chest and your spirit soar. And yeah, after spinning this record a couple more times, I think I’ve finally decided. War Records are definitely one of my favourite labels and Berthold City rule.  Get your slamming shoes on, it’s dancing time… Tim Cundle

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