Broadway Calls – Sad In the City (Red Scare Industries)

Broadway Calls has been a name bubbling on my radar for many years, almost fifteen years in fact since their debut album on Adeline records. The word Broadway is the important piece of this puzzle. These guys make every song a performance, throwing energy and passion into every line, beat and chord. One of the things you remember from a hit show is those big choruses that have the crowd singing along for hours after the curtain has fallen, and Broadway Calls have those by the bucket load.

 These guys like to tell a story – a three minute one – and just in real life they reveal the ups and downs so even at their most melodic you can detect a darker undercurrent. Much like Alkaline Trio, they deliver the sugar with a hit of bitterness at the end. Mix that up with the showy sounds of Cheap Trick or even Kiss, whack a huge production on there, and you’re starting to get a feel for Sad in the City. Ladies and gentlemen, the show is in town and you would be a fool to miss this one. Tom Chapman

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