Noi!se – Lost 12” (Pirates Press Records)

Lost is something of a tale of despair about the greed of humanity. When they sing “Drifted out to sea so far we can’t return.” It rings true and hits home. Musically this is a mid-paced rocker, powered by a driving bass line. The verses see the guitars drop out, letting the vocals ring the message loud and clear. As they build to the choruses the guitars come on thick and strong, adding the chunk and some fabulous melodies to augment the words.

There is a short breakdown that brings The Ruts to mind with some muted riffing, before returning to the chorus firing on all cylinders. Encased in a spectacular looking printed 12” record, this new recording from Noi!se looks as good as it sounds, which is testament to the high standard that the band and Pirates Press records strive towards. Tom Chapman

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