Brain Tentacles – S/T (Relapse Records)

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Have you ever heard of Mr. Bungle? Well, Brain Tentacles sure has. If they haven’t, well, I’ll be buggered. Not that that’s a bad thing. Brain Tentacles has taken the word eclectic and stretched it to include a brilliant mix of rock, metal, stoner rock, jazz and a ton of other influences. While the album is largely instrumental, there are no boring spots and no dud songs. This may be the most boundary-pushing metal album I’ve ever heard and it’s nothing less than spectacular. Upon my first listen I wasn’t sure about things. I’m usually not a fan of music without vocals or with minimum amounts of vocals but BT wouldn’t let me turn away or turn it down. In fact they grabbed me directly by the ear drum and said “LISTEN!!!” I did. You should too. Jim Dodge


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