Booze & Glory – Chapter IV (Burning Heart)

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I guess that I’ve been out of the rock’n’roll loop for way too long or there must have been some wide-spread covert, street punk conspiracy to keep their existence hidden from middle-age, nearly over the hill punk rockers like yours truly, because this is the first time that I’ve heard Booze & Glory.  Whatever the reason is and whatever egregious stroke of fate kept me from previously crossing paths with them, it’s all in the past now and while this is my first Booze & Glory moment, it sure as shit won’t be my last. Hitting like a rabid, foaming at the mouth pitbull that’s been raised on a diet of The Bruisers , Social Distortion and The Business , Booze & Glory are a slick, well oiled, rock’n’roll street machine that growl like a ’68 Chevy Nova Super Sport and play the sort of sing-a-long anthems that make you want to hang out with your mates, drink the night away, get down with your bad self and tell tall tales of the old days until the sun rises over the horizon.  Mick was right. In the grand scheme of things, it is only rock’n’roll. But I like it. I really, really like it… Tim Cundle

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