Blind Guardian – Beyond The Red Mirror


Blind Guardian – Beyond The Red Mirror CD (Nuclear Blast)
You know exactly what you are going to get with Blind Guardian – high quality, extremely well delivered, heavy fuckin’ metal! With opening track ‘The Ninth Wave’ clocking in at nine and a half minutes long Hansi Kursch is setting the standards of the band incredibly high as he unravels the heartening storytelling, cutting through the massive orchestral openings and unveiling his well-established vocals. Although it’s an album that works with three different classical choirs, plus two grand orchestras (featuring a stunning ninety members each!) the entirety of its feel is very much rooted in classical metal traits. Andre Olbrich and Marcus Siepen trade riffs that range from fast paced belters through to powerful, slower moments, always locking in solid rhythms and encapsulating distinctive feel – the true essence of great song writing. Whether it be the crowning supremacy of ‘Twilight Of The Gods’ or ‘Ashes Of Eternity’, or even the Queen (band) sounding ‘Miracle Machine’ the ten tracks on this German’s tenth studio offering are sure to sit comfortable in the band’s live set list – powerfully atmospheric, hugely sounding, and extremely metallic in content. Epic ‘Grande Parade’ serves as the finale and once again comes to a colossal nine and a half minute barrage of inspirational Euro Power Metal, sandwiching the content of ‘Beyond The Red Mirror’ very satisfactorily. Mark Freebase

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