Sylosis – Dormant Heart


Sylosis – Dormant Heart CD (Nuclear Blast)
UK four-piece Sylosis pump out a hate-fuelled record of anger. Do not expect this record to cheer you up at all as it’s a dark offering of aggressive gloom! Elements of Neurosis (band) can be found through ‘Where The Wolves Come To Die’ and thrash metal fundamentals combine the speed of ‘Victims’ And Pawns’. With Bleed From Within’s Ali Richardson stepping up to the drum stool, it’s a pleasing sound for fans of modern day metal exorcising great guitar work showcasing some extreme melodies along with the pent up, pissed off, antagonism. The lengthy nine-minute ‘Quiescent’ is change of pace, and mood, dipping its toes into prog waters; a delicate ending to just under an hour of transcendent food for thought. Good call lads. Mark Freebase

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