Balance – Demo ’17 (Balance)

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Ever find yourself wondering what a Hardcore band born from the grunge scene would sound like? Yeah, I have to admit, it’s not something that ever crossed my mind either. Until today that is, when I crossed paths with Balance, a band who draw as heavily on the early days of the Seattle explosion as they do late eighties NYHC for inspiration. They’ve got the bounce and groove of Underdog and fuse the song writing of The Fluid and the raw heaviness of Bleach era Nirvana with the ferocity and energy of Maximum Penalty and Outburst, and the end result for some reason makes me think of Void and what they’d sound like if they’d formed three decades later than they did.  Yeah, I’m digging the hell out of these guys and if like me, you like your HC with an eighties flavour but a distinctly modern outlook*, then you should check Balance out. Like, right now. Oh, and as an added incentive (as if you need one), Demo 17 is free. Yeah, you read that right. It’s free**…  Tim Cundle

*I can do the modern thing, honestly I really can. I mean yeah I prefer the eighties, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not down with the twenty first century. I am. I just don’t understand it or like it very much.

**It’s actually a pay what you want deal on bandcamp, so I’m guessing that the dudes in the band don’t mind if you download it for nothing. And I’m also guessing that they wouldn’t mind if you kicked a couple of quid /euro/ bucks their way either. Your call…

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