Avatarium – All I Want

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Avatarium – All I Want VINYL/DIGITAL (Nuclear Blast)
Two brand new songs and three live tunes from 2013’s Roadburn Festival, all served up on a beautiful 10” slab of wax, a tasty E.P. – record collectors are having some real treats shoved under their noses at present. Avatarium give us more gloomy, doom vibes along with uplifting, charismatic vocals. A truly fabulous cocktail of Sabbath, Purple, and Rainbow euphemisms that carve a real classic doom rock pinnacle. The trippy, psychedelic tides that push the musical boundaries of Avatarium’s sounds give off a delicate yet deep and utterly majestically feel, and as much as I love Blues Pills, do not let them steal all the limelight! The live feel of ‘Pandora’s Egg’, ‘Tides Of Telepathy’ and ‘Bird Of Prey’ are kept truthful as the minor technical feedbacks and glitches are thankfully present and have not been pointlessly ironed out. The shear credence of ‘All I Want’ and ‘Deep Well’ prove that the next full length from these Swedish stalwarts will be one worth waiting for in eager anticipation. Mark Freebase

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