Aerial Salad – Dirt Mall (Roach Industries / Plasterer)

Picture the scene… It’s the Summer of 1987 and in back pages of Maximum Rock’n’Roll, there’s an advert sitting innocuously in the classifieds section that says “Punk band wanted for scene based time travel shenanigans – safety not guaranteed, most have own equipment, apply for further details”.

Now imagine that Snuff had answered the aforementioned notice and had then been spirited away on a hazardous and incident filled journey through time which saw them become embroiled in the formative years of Dischord Records in Washington DC and the early days of the Grunge movement in Seattle before finally being returned to the alien and unforgiving streets of Manchester with strict instructions, because in the truest tradition of time travelling social misfits and outcasts the fate of the world somehow depended on them cranking their amps up to eleven , to incorporate everything that they had seen and learned into what they do.

 If that had happened, then the result of the aforementioned soiree would mean that Snuff wouldn’t have been Snuff anymore. But they would have been Aerial Salad, as that’s exactly what these angry young chaps from the North sound like. The product of the great Snuff, Seattle via DC wibbly wobbly time adventure.

Dirt Mall is a furious, aggressive and incredibly melodic record that’ll make even the most cynical, heard it all before punk rocker snap to attention and start singing along and it’s been patiently crafted and lovingly created by a bunch of wonderfully articulate reprobates who proudly wear their influences on their tattered, battered and well-worn sleeves.

I like it. I like it a lot. And I think you will too…  Tim Cundle

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