The Woodsman – Castle of Unrest EP (Smash Mouse Records)

While The Woodsman’s name might lead you to believe that you’re dealing with a bunch of maypole dancing, solstice celebrating, crystal worshiping hippie dippy new age types, nothing could be further from the truth.  These Welsh hooligans believe in pounding their audience into submission with lead lined riffs and pulverising songs that smash, smash and smash you some more before pausing for breath and repeating the same, remarkably appealing and satisfying, pattern over and over again.

The Woodman are what would happen if the Melvins and Killing Joke formed a street gang and pounded the pavements late at night hassling squares and everyday Joe’s and Josephine’s by doing what they do best; playing skull shattering, brutal, unforgiving and completely mesmerising music.

This band has no place whatsoever in “decent” society, but will hopefully, and one day inevitably, find shelter, security and adulation in the hearts and minds of all manner of miscreants and ne’er do wells. Get hip, get with it and take a trip to the Castle of Unrest…  Tim Cundle

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