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[TheChamp-Login] Mass Movement is a social enterprise run by a small team of – some might say geeky – individuals dedicated to discovering great music, books, games, graphic novels, comics, films, sports, food and drink that the mainstream media don\’t always get behind.  Our readers are seeking quality, passion and character in what they enjoy in their precious free time regardless of its origin, profile or source and we aim to help them make informed choices.

The Social enterprise part means that we donate our profits to causes we believe in.
We love it when people get in touch to let us know about interesting and passionate people, projects and businesses that we can get to know and introduce to others.  To start a conversation with us, please drop us a line –  info(at)massmovement.co.uk

If you\’d like to find out more about who reads Mass Movement and how you can build profile, tell your story or sell your products in our forthcoming shop, please drop us a line – info(at)massmovement.co.uk

As much as we\’d like to, we can\’t review everything we get sent and that\’s for a couple of reasons but this is the most important: The things we cover are often considered minority or have a niche audience which is why we have a range of reviewers, each with their own area of expertise and experience.  We believe that this means we deliver better informed – and we think – better quality coverage which adds value in a way that a simple subjective analysis just can\’t manage. Not everything we get sent may be to our taste, or in our area of experience; that doesn\’t mean we don\’t recognise the effort, enthusiasm, determination and dedication it\’s taken to produce and send to us. If we\’re not educated or informed enough to appreciate what\’s before us, who are we to pass judgement?

Oh, and we don\’t review streams. Downloads and physical product yes, but no streams.

All site content copyright Mass Movement (www.massmovement.co.uk) 2016 and may not be reproduced without prior consent. Opinions expressed in reviews, columns, features and interviews are those of the contributing writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of Mass Movement or its editors.

7 Comments on "About Us"

  1. I tried replying to your email about Moor Beer but it bounced and I can’t find any other contact info on your site. If you want to email me again let me know a better address. Cheers.

  2. Tim,
    I came cross your novels on Amazon and then landed here. Congratulations on being a published writer–looking forward to reading your work.

    (An old university friend)

  3. Nancy Lion-Storm | 13th December 2017 at 2:23 am | Reply

    Pressing on twitter share icon for your Big Finish Torchwood 2 doesn’t work for me. Also, what is your twitter tag? Id like to retweet.

  4. Hi Im trying to send you a book to review but cant find a working email address

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