The Cab Newport – Punk & Hardcore’s Newest Home

Newport can once again call itself the home of South Wales Hardcore Punk

Anyone hanging around the UKHC scene or more specifically the South Wales scene will be well aware of The Cab in Newport. An abundnace of incendiary gigs has seen new life breathed into a somewhat faltering scene. Local promoter Joe Wag and the South Wales Collective have been bringing quality hardcore gigs to South Wales for a number of years, but now it truly has found a home in The Cab. Situated just around the corner from the main train station and in the same vicinity as Newport’s other jewel Le Pub, The Cab has dedicated itself to the scene in a way few others would be able to.

But there’s more to The Cab than simply a venue for the disgruntled youth to let off some steam and in keeping with the DIY theme, it’s very much a family affair for Joe. Formed in 2016 Reality Theatre, is a working class, arts and theatre community that mainly worked out of pubs and different office and studio spaces, in the begininng, with the goal being to have a space to call their own. At the same time Joe was running gigs out of various venues across South Wales under the CHF Promotions banner and building up a steady following of avid gig goers from a scene that needed a revamp.

When the opportunity to purchase the building that would become The Cab, and after a stint renting just the ground floor, the family decided to bite the bullet and purchased the entire building. Now with Joe running the events and Mum, Juls running Reality Theatre as well as brother Jackson keeping the beer stocked, Newport has a venue that truly embraces the community spirit. Welsh hardcore record label Nuclear Family Records can also call The Cab home, as they occupy the office above.

For a city so rich in Punk Rock history, it’s great to see the scene back on it’s feet and with a positive attitude and sense of togetherness that will surely see The Cab be talked about in the same breath as T.J’s and Le Pub in years to come….Chris Andrews

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