Hasbro Pulse Kick Off The Transformers 40th Anniversary Celebrations With A Fan’s Dream Figure.

The crowdfunded Haslab project needs 10,000 backers to begin production.

Hasbro Pulse is kicking off the Transformers 40th anniversary celebration with a HasLab of powerful proportions! Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus join forces to present Omega Prime as the next HasLab project. HasLab is the Hasbro Pulse crowdfunding platform which aims to put dream products into the hands of fans, via their support. Since inception, a total of 9 projects have been successfully funded.

Two Autobots, bonded like brothers, yet divided by destiny. Optimus Prime was chosen to be the bearer of the Matrix of Leadership and the next commander of the Autobots, leaving Ultra Magnus scornful and bitter. Ultra Magnus challenged Optimus Prime for possession of the Matrix of Leadership and Autobot command. In the middle of battle, the two combined into a new form: Ultimate Energy Combiner, Omega Prime.

8.5-inch Optimus Prime figure

15-inch command center

Blaster accessory

2 Matrix of Leadership accessories

11.5-inch Ultra Magnus figure

5.75-inch Autobot Bluebolts figure

Unlock #1: 23.5-inch Matrix Blade Accessory

Unlock #2: 2 combinable Global Space Bridge display base pieces

If successful, the project will begin shipping in Spring 2025.

To get involved, visit the following link:-


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