Exclusive: Check Out The Awesome New Video From couchgagzzz

Digimon’ is the 2nd single from Couchgagzzz debut album ‘Gosports!!!‘ which dropped in March via Ciqala Records.

Born in a basement in Bari in February 2021, they are obsessed with steroids and sports.

couchgagzzz are JJ (drums, vocals), BB (bass, vocals) Garko (guitar, vocals) and Snafu (synth, guitar) and come from the Apulian scene such as Santamuerte, Behind Bars and Bob Cillo & Mafia Trunk. Inspired by Australian rock’n’roll (Tee Vee Repairmann, Gee Tee,1800 Mickey) the band brings electric and fast songs to the setlist, recorded in July 2023 at the VDSS Recording Studio.

Digimon‘ is a trip inside an action video game. An evolution, actually, to be specific, a devolution: from modern gaming and overproduced music to an 8 bit video game and lo-fi music.

Freedom from the chains of precision and all that is not essential.

The video shows clearly how the 4 characters fight against enemies that try to crush their spirit. Against the final boss, like in the best games, couchgagzzz manage to merge into the single invincible machine of rock, ready to take flight towards freedom, on a stage, to do the most beautiful thing there is: play, and win, everything!

All this would not have been possible without the precious graphic project of Elio Landriscina AKA Pachiverse (https://www.instagram.com/pachiverse/), creator and programmer of this video.

Check out the video below:-




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