Scalextric – James Bond Series

“Goldfinger” and “For Your Eyes Only” get the Scalextric treatment

Continuing their outstanding work on bringing iconic TV/Movie vehicles into our lives via their infinitely enjoyable sets, Scalextric have dived headlong back into the action packed yet super suave universe of James Bond with two brand new models. Even the most causal movie fan can point to the iconic vehicles used in the franchise from the Aston Martin DB5 in “Goldfinger”, to the sea faring Lotus Esprit in “The Spy Who Loved Me.” But the whole series is littered with notable vehicles and Scalextric are digging a bit deeper to bring a bigger, better Bond experience to your home.

Starting with the Ford Mustang soft top from “Goldfinger”, the attention to detail is truly outstanding as you step into the shoes of vengeful sister Tilly Masterson as she pursues Goldfinger himself in a Rolls Royce, only to run into Bond and his gadget ridden DB5. The Mustang itself is a beast to behold and the ability to recreate this piece of movie history around your own layout, is a very exciting prospect for that big kid in your life.

Now if you remember the 1980’s, you will remember a host of TV shows and movies with super cars, but there was one that was often overlooked. This maybe because its predecessor had the ability to go underwater, but the red Lotus Esprit from 1981’s “For Your Eyes Only” is an 80’s staple and that’s coming from someone who was there. Beautifully captured with it’s sleek design, gold trim and alloy wheels, this car really made Roger Moore look ice cold cool in his fifth outing and made escaping bad guys with Melina Havelock in tow, look like child’s play. Oh and if they are needed for some, colder terrain, Scalextric have even added the skis to the roof.

With their ever-expanding range of TV/Movie vehicles, Scalextric have ensured that you really can recreate any movie chase scene you wish and even some that you may have only dreamt about and believe me, you will never get tired of the anticipation and excitement you feel, as you load that slot car onto your layout. Endless fun for kids of any size….Chris Andrews

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