Zero Again – Out of the Crooked Timber of Humanity 7” (Sanctus Propaganda)

First outing for new(ish) UK band featuring members of Warwound, Social Experiment, Grand Collapse and Regret and it’s a little bit of alright. As you’d expect with the member’s previous outputs there’s a touch of the ‘Heavy’ to the overall sound without wandering into Metal territory – in fact on ‘Tragedy Death Pain’ there’s smidgeon of the DKs ‘Saturday Night Holocaust’ mixed with Tragedy/Victims without it sounding really like any of them.

Lyrics address feelings of futility in life, bullyboy cops and, inevitably given when this was recorded, the Covid 19 pandemic. Good stuff and definitely worth checking out – if you can get hold of – because these sold faster than gluten free hots cakes in Shoreditch. Ian Pickens

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