Xibalba – Diablo, Con Amour… Adios 7” (Closed Casket Activities)


Remember that old saying about the Devil having the all best tunes? It’s true and on Diablo, Con Amour…Adios Hell’s house band Xibalba have conjured up another three tracks of bruising, punishing metal-core to torment, tease and persecute all of us sinners locked on the path to eternal damnation.  If 16 left a suicide note written in the blood of Napalm Death and then piloted a Converge powered juggernaut over some cliffs to their sure and certain doom, Xibalba are what the explosion at the end of that swift, but unforgettable trip would sound like. That’s right kids Diablo, Con Amour… Adios is the stuff that dreams are made of… Tim Cundle


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