Worst – Deserto (BDHW Records)

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Not a country particularly known for its hardcore scene, there seems to be something brewing in Brazil. Whether it’s the political situation they find themselves in, with far right candidate Jair Bolsonaro recently getting the nod, or the ongoing economic issues, Sao Paulo’s Worst are angry. Now if Brazil played hardcore liked they play football, then we would be looking at the Brazilian hardcore scene, like we do the New York scene. Unfortunately, The Cavalera Brothers, Sepultura, Overdose and Ratos De Porao aside, not much else has ever come from that great nation. But all that’s about to change, with the emergence of the likes of Paura and now Worst.

Musically the four piece take their influence from the likes of Hatebreed, with solid riffing and a lot of double bass work. Lyrically they talk about their background and the dangerous Sao Paulo streets, a very real daily threat for them giving Deserto, their fourth album by the way, all the components which made Biohazard and Madball stand out from the rest of the pack, back in the day. Their daily struggle comes pouring out in their music and it’s ugly. The band have found the perfect home in BDHW Records and nestle nicely alongside the likes of Malevolence and Born From Pain.

With the lyrics switching between Portuguese and English, the one common language we can all understand on the album is hate. A hard album in every sense of the word, this is music made for mosh pits… Chris Andrews

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