Witchrider – Unmountable Stairs

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Witchrider – Unmountable Stairs CD (Fuzzorama Records)
With the current market flooding of stoner/doom/desert rock etc, a band has to be pretty robust to stand out amongst all that is filling the airwaves and music magazines these days. The strong grooves and fuzzed up guitar riffs of Austria’s Witchrider certainly project that much needed boost as they deliver a meaty sound of stripped down low strung rock – alternative, heavy, and full of emotion; making ‘Unmountable Stairs’ easy to get into and enjoyable to rock along with. There is a hint of recognisable influence throughout the entirety of ‘Unmountable Stairs’, but so what… that’s what will attract the attention of ‘hip’ music lovers, Witchrider can then continue to convert and keep their attentions with the looping rhythms and deep grooves. The songs are weighty, but structured so as to keep a melodic vibe, avoiding pointless drones and somewhat unnecessary abstract pieces so many seem to feel is essential during this genre. Good ol’ fashion rock ‘n’roll, dirty, yet dusted down, and something you can get in amongst. Witchrider can certainly write a decent tune. Mark Freebase

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