Windhand – Grief\’s Infernal Flower

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Windhand – Grief\’s Infernal Flower LP/ CD (Relapse)
First of all make sure you are sitting comfortably, as there is no rushing this one. Richmond, VA\’s Windhand new opus, Grief\’s Infernal Flower slowly draws you into its murky depths, drowning you in blissful heaviness. Opening tune \”Two Urns\” at first reminds me of Electric Wizard, but doom is only one element of the Windhand sound. The sheer fuzziness of the guitars and droning bass have a hypnotising quality that makes you lose track of time, so although the songs on here range from sub-four minute tunes to epic tracks over fifteen minutes long, you just drift along with the flow powerless to steer the course yourself. What really sets the band apart from the rest are Dorthia\’s vocals. Given her dreamlike vocal style, using Jack Endino (Nivana, Soundgarden, High On Fire etc.) to produce this record is a stroke of genius, as her vocal delivery is ideally suited to the Seattle sound, more alternative rock than pure doom. It\’s that blend of her vocals and the crushing power of the riffs and drums that make Windhand quite a unique proposition. Tom Chapman

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