Widows – Ten ‘Yer 7” (APF Records)

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Listening to Widows is like watching Mr. T smash through suburbia in a tank or watching a rhino armed with a pair M134 miniguns and clad in high density, spike covered Kevlar opening fire as it crashes through a hunting convention. It’s a pleasure that verges on the orgasmic, sweeping you away on an ocean of mind-bendingly heavy riffs, rhythms and soul searing vocals that pummel you into a state of metallic ecstasy. All of the music and craziness that influences Widows, namely Clutch, Down, Sabbath, 16, Kyuss and Trouble, swirl through both of the tracks (Worry and Hammer and Nail) on offer and are shaped, re-shaped, refined and transformed to create something new, something different and something wonderful. You can bet your rear that when you finally meet your maker and enter the fiery gates with a bottle of scotch in one hand and a big fat blunt in the other, that the tunes heralding your arrival while Lucifer welcomes you to the party with open arms will be provided by Widows. Hail Satan, hail the riff, hail metal and hail Widows… Tim Cundle 

Check out Widows here and here

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