Whipping Post – Taste the Whip 7\” Flexi EP (Boss Tuneage/ Flexi Punk)


There’s a lot of love for Black Flag/ Bl\’ast! going on here. Driving basslines fuse with gnarly guitar licks, solid beats and barked vocals that celebrate the noisier side of life. These Whipper boys also reminds me of noise rock bands like The Jesus Lizard, and seeing as these lads hail from Leeds why not share a nod of appreciation for the Pleasant Valley Children as well. This has a dirty feel to it, and their sound is perfectly suited to the flexi-disc format. You can hear every bump and dust that pokes through the wafer thin vinyl but that just adds to the experience. Unpolished raw hardcore punk, this was originally released as a demo before being reissued onto this white pressing. It looks like members of other Leeds bands are involved with Whipping Post, but this stands as a cool release, and band, in its, and their, own right. Tom Chapman

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  1. You can listen to 3 preview track’s from Whipping Post’s upcoming LP here –


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