Walls of Jericho – No One Can Save You from Yourself (Napalm)


‘No One Can Save You from Yourself’ is a vicious, brutal, monstrous metal-core meltdown with tight musical tempos, sharp stops and heavy guitar breakdowns. The crunchy riffs embed a deep groove cut by the power that this Detroit quintet exude in waves, whilst frontwoman Candace delivers some insanely weighty vocals that rip through you like a tiger shark on heat; her performance putting many of her contemporaries to shame. WoJ deliver an old school classic, filled with cavernous metallic undertones; and the chants of “I will go down in history, or I will go down in flames” that roar from it, have never been more true. The production and overall sound is relentless and for once the press release isn’t exaggerating when it talks about integrity and aggression, as Walls of Jericho epitomise both of those qualities. Those of you who have seen Walls of Jericho live will know exactly what I’m talking about, and ‘No One Can Save You from Yourself’ captures their live energy perfectly.  Mark Freebase

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