Violent Offence – Dig Your Own Grave

South Wales Newest Threat Is Now A Reality

The long promised band from some of South Wales Hardcore’s freshest faces comes to fruition in savage style as Violent Offence drop their five track debut ‘Dig Your Own Grave’ to a scene absolutely primed for a band just like this.

Make no mistake. This is pit music.

Reminding us of the feeling that every passionate Welshman feels when reminded about the drowning of the Cwm Celyn Valley the demo starts off with an impassioned speech which slowly trickles into menacing feedback before ‘Diafwl Stomp’ kicks your teeth straight down your throat. No vocals neccesary here as the ferocity is clear to hear. They channel UKHC stalwarts Knuckledust on second track ‘Skin Tear’ as a vicious groove evolves into two-step heaven, before mercifully we are battered to a slow death. We hit classic NYHC territory with ‘Forget’ next, where vocalist Sonny showcases his Richie Underdog vocal style, while the guys back him with a mid-tempo stomper. Rather comfortably and in keeping with their style the 5-piece effortlessly slip into a rap metal groove with ‘Man Down’ before finishing us off with a final swing of the bat named ‘Still We Conquer’

At less than £1 per track, ‘Dig Your Own Grave’ is worth every bit of your time and money. Violent Offence have taken late 90’s/00’s UKHC given it a fresh coat of paint and repackaged it for a fresh new generation to beat the ever loving shit out of each other to and long may it continue….Chris Andrews

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