Violation Wound/Cliterati – Split (Tankcrimes)

Damn, I love a split E.P/7” or in this case 12”. It’s a media form that seems to be exclusive to punk and hardcore and it’s a very D.I.Y of doing things. The times I’ve picked up a split to hear one band only to discover another great band and that’s exactly what’s happened here. Here we’ve got two bands teaming up to showcase their wares and whilst I’m fully aware of Cliterati, I can now count myself as a Violation Wound fan too.

But we’ll start with Cliterati- a band who has hardcore punk royalty within their ranks. Former Poison Idea and Murderess members have teamed up to batter out some crust influenced hardcore in the vein of Discharge and Doom. Vocalist Ami Lawless belts out politically infused lyrics that may not be as obvious as you might think as various wrongs in the world are put to right but be aware, Ami will wipe her ass with your confederate flag.

Meanwhile Californian outfit Violation Wound, masterminded by Chris Reifert of Autopsy, hit back with 4 tracks of their own. A brand new prospect to these ears, VW play fast grindcore mixed with punk aspects, hitting the middle ground that lies between Zeke and Brutal Truth. Angry music, for an angry time. Further proof, if it were needed, that the only good thing coming from the Trump administration is pissed off, angry music.…Chris Andrews

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