Archaeobeast – Manifesting The Antichrist (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

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Only British males aged forty plus will appreciate the fact that this band has a member named Sam Fox. So with my childish joke out of the way what we have here is an absolutely disgusting slab of old school death metal. Hailing from Virginia Archaeobeast are everything you could possibly want in a death metal album. Gore soaked lyrics, vicious down tuned riffing, with a good ear for some Burning Witch-esque slow parts when required. Vocalist Gore Lawrence delivers vocals in the style of a young David Vincent while the guitar tone in parts is almost reminiscent of Burzum at times, albeit with added Morbid Angel chug. These 4 tracks represent the best Death Metal I’ve heard in a long time. A truly brutal debut for HPGDP and if they can replicate the ferocity on this E.P. in the live arena, then I for one look forward to witnessing that. This is Death Metal, how I remember it and hopefully Archaeobeast can be the forbearers of a much needed resurgence in the scene. Take my money now.…Chris Andrews

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