Video Nasties – Dominion (APF Records)

As soon as their obsessions with horror auteur and composer John Carpenter and all things dark and gloomy became glaringly apparent, Video Nasties had me.  Sharing a similar worldview and interest in life’s more stygian entertainments and pleasures allowed me to fully submerge myself in their unrelenting, furious onslaught and be battered, willingly I may add, into compete and total submission.

The unremitting, gargling with graveyard nails vocal assault of Damian Von Talbot and Entombed meets Grief topped with a smidgeon of 16 and a pinch of Cradle of Filth heavier than a coffin lid on burial day riff laden musical assault that makes up Video Nasties debut album claws and scrapes its way into, and take up residence in, your imagination and festers and eats away at your every waking thought.  Dominion is a metal nightmare given sonic form and its complex beauty and brutal, forthright delivery are absolutely breath-taking 

According to popular wisdom, infatuation and passion are separated by a thin, almost non-existent line, and that’s where you’ll find Video Nasties. Balanced precariously on that barrier and wantonly indulging in their passion for all things horrific, subsumed by, and existing because of, the most devastating, psyche altering crossover to have emerged from the fetid imaginings of life’s more sombre moments.  Ah, the suffering. The sweet, sweet suffering… Tim Cundle

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