Vektor – Terminal Redux (Earache)


These Philadelphia based boys have already carved a name for themselves in the world of methodological/progressive thrash. So it’s no shock to the system when their precession and ability is unleashed in ‘Terminal Redux’s ten tracks. Sounding like a cocktail of premium Voi Vod  and Obscura, their stylised, individual and unique resonance and the pace and identity of the \’Trerminal\’s…\’ content is fruitfully wanton and wonderfully varied. Crammed full of sci-fi mythology, supercharged guitar riffs, and visceral vocals, the lengthy tunes carry the listener through a vortex of ever evolving technicality. Vektor don’t ease up on the velocity, making the likes of ‘Charging The Void’, ‘LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)’, ‘Pteropticon’ and even the slower starting ‘Pillars Of Sand’ full on, heads down, thrash classics! Mark Freebase

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