Various Artists – Underground Music Coalition Presents: New Tricks (UMC)

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It’s a strange old place, the world of the music underground.  Hard to navigate, and filled with innumerable bands all wanting people to listen to them, it can be a scary, intimidating and difficult place to traverse on your own. So rather than let the uninitiated, and those of us who are slightly longer on the tooth and have been trekking the its hidden paths for the better part of a lifetime, walk the often treacherous road alone, the members of the Underground Music Coalition have come up with a way of making the journey a little easier, with their latest free compilation of fourteen of the best, and most diverse, acts treading the DIY boards. It’s hard, it’s heavy, it’s guaranteed to include at least one or two musical ensembles that you’ll dig the hell out of and includes the always awesome (and a favourite of yours truly) Kringer and the Battle Katz as well as Spaztik Munkey, Scars of Remembrance, BRIANBLESSED, Broken by the Burden, Slug 13 and whole load more. New Tricks isn’t for the faint of heart or the weak of mind, but if you’re looking to discover something new, exciting and different, then this latest UMC compilation could be the ticket to the realm you’ve been searching for. And who knows, you might just find your next favourite band hidden in its grooves… Tim Cundle


PS Did I mention that its FREE? Well, it is and you can download it here  So go get it…


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