Various Artists – Special Edition: Hail to the HMFIC


Various Artists – Special Edition: Hail to the HMFIC (Underground Music Coalition)
Well hot damn, I feel like I’ve been bitch slapped around the pit by a bunch of folks with just one thing on their minds. Crushing everything and everyone in sight with Earth flattening riffs, bowel trembling vocals and rhythm sections whose sonic pummelling could shake the core of the planet apart. The bands on this comp (too many to mention, and most of them are too darn good to single any one of them out) have come together with one common purpose and that’s to get each and every one of us off our collective arses and make us slam and two step around wherever it is we call home like there’s no tomorrow. If you’ve got metal in your heart, HC in your soul and you love a little brutality in your life, then you need to hear ‘Hail…’ It’s that simple. Oh, and even better? It’s free. Hit the link, grab the tunes, turn ‘em up, feel the groove and spread the word… Tim Mass Movement

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