V/A – Randale Records Sampler Vol. 1 2CD (Randale Records)

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After twelve years and over 200 releases, it\’s high time that Randale records unleashed a compilation showcasing a cross-section of the bands they have worked with over the years. This double CD features 36 tracks, mostly taken from records Randale has put out in more recent times. There are a lot of big names on here, such as Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Bad Manners, Cock Sparrer or The Old Firm Casuals. Plenty more favourites from the skinhead scene, for example Evil Conduct, The Last Resort, Stomper 98 and Antipati. Hopefully people picking this release up will find some familiar sounds as well as lots of new bands to discover. I\’m always happy to hear some of my favourite bands like Argy Bargy, Warrior Kids or Crashed Out, and hopefully this will help gain more exposure for some of the upcoming bands like Duffy\’s Cut or Bricktop. I\’m not a fan of all the bands/ songs on here, but there are definitely more hits than misses, and collection comes nicely packaged making it a worthy addition to the collection. Oi! ain\’t dead in South Germany! Tom Chapman

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