V/A Paris On Oi! LP (Une Vie Pour Rien)

Okay this is pretty nuts if you think about it. You’d be hard-pressed to find many entire countries that could put together a cream-of-the-crop type collection of the best new breed of oi! bands around. But here you have thirteen Parisian bands doing the rounds today, with new recordings in one collection.

And that is all without needing to dig out some archive recordings from the old guard simply to fill the album with some extra selling points. It’s all newly cooked, all freshly served. Some of the names have been buzzing around for a while now – Bromure, Gonna Get Yours and Tchernobyl for example. Squelette, Cran and Recidive have made waves lately, and there is a host of brand new names for me. Oi is alive and kicking in the Parisian city streets, so get in on the action with this comp and see what the fuss is about. Tom Chapman

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