Unified Action – S/T (DIY)

Argh, that’s more like it! Emerging from the ashes of Tied Down and bolstered by an ex-member of Extortion (Aus) and Pacey from Marked For Death, Unified Action embrace all that is fast, raw, and primitive hardcore. Similar to bands like No For An Answer, Infest or Lack Of Interest (or indeed Extortion) – UA bounce around with time changes galore – boot-stomping intros leading into fast hardcore passages with some neat stop-starts thrown in for good measure.

And for an extra dose of goodness, UA even chuck in an Infest cover on the end of the EP. If you have even just a passing interest in the genre, this one will definitely tickle the tastebuds. Oh and I’ve just noticed it was recorded by Kev Rids of the rather marvellous Onlooker, who I recommend you check out too. Tom Chapman

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