Undersmile – Anhedonia


Undersmile – Anhedonia CD (Black Bow)
Here is a release that offers a rather gentle resonance of doom. A subtle, and almost calming audibility that connects itself with an underlying heavy dark edge. Seven tracks and over seventy minutes… you had better not be in a rush to go anywhere. Opening track ‘Labyrinth’ kicks things off and graciously crosses the finishing line at past the ten-minute milestone, this opens the proceedings of distortion, vintage amplification, and fuzz box fever – but do remember ‘Anhedonia’ is by no means a chaotic affair. With not one track concluding before the eight-minute mark this is an album of length and distance, almost a journey to be travelled. This four-piece relish the atmospheric sounds which have them wallowing in a sickly environment, and it’s with the additional aspects presented by cello, drones, and fx that a truly discomforted ambience of eeriness is created. ‘Atacama Sunburn’ is the heaviest piece of music on offer here, even at times breaking into a frenzied discord of craziness; but the mood however does not change much throughout the entirety of the album, and certainly do not expect a feel good factor whilst experiencing it’s songs. This band are most definitely not rushing anywhere fast! Mark Freebase

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