Ubergang – Zeichen der Zeit (Demons Run Amok)

If Destruction, Tankard, the Accused and Carnivore pooled their resources and formed a super-group that was dedicated to thrashing harder than anyone had ever thrashed and played NYHC flavoured Crossover, then that band would sound exactly like Ubergang.  Zeichen der Zeit is a raging, chaotic monster that ploughs its own thrashtastic course toward armagaddeon, hits harder than a hyper-velocity Loikamie after they’ve been strung out on the purest meth-amphetamine for a month and half and with its pure Crossover power rips, tears and rends its way into your skull, boils your brain, makes your ears melt and your eyeballs explode.

Back in the day, thrash used to come with a warning label designed to ensure that “poseurs and wimps” stayed well clear and didn’t hurt themselves by being accidental exposed to its furious mayhem and Ubergang have just revived that tradition. Zeichen der Zeit will make Goths weep in pain, blow Emo kids to bits at fifty paces and reduce Poodle haired rockers to their constituent elements at twice that distance, so beware. This isn’t Crossover for the faint hearted; this is the good stuff and should be consumed and enjoyed only by pit hardened, slam happy veterans. Ubergang are just too awesomely thrashtastic for newbies. You have been warned….  Tim Cundle

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