Truth & Rights – Lies & Slights (Self-Release)

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So, imagine if Desperate Measures era Leeway had locked on to, and incorporated the groove of Underdog and added a little more metallic crunch into their sound without losing that classic NYHC feel. You got that picture locked in your brain? Good, now focus really hard on it. That image that you’re seeing, that gut punching, heart stopping, adrenaline pumping sound that’s making you grin from to ear and is so good that you can almost taste it? That ladies and gentlemen, and boys and girls, is Truth & Rights. And as incredible as it sounds in your head, it’s a hundred times better in reality. Lies & Slights, their new record, is a full on, crossover powered, Hardcore wrecking machine. This is NYHC the way it should be: tight, sharp, instant, powerful and crammed full of the kind of hooks and choruses that you’ll be singalong to, and with, in less time than it takes to brew a really good cup of Joe.  The Truth is out there. Make sure you’re down with it… Tim Cundle


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