Tripwire Rides Again…


With its return to print for the first time in ten years a success in January this year, Tripwire, the UK’s pre-eminent comics, film and TV magazine has decided to offer a second print edition this year. Under a Hellboy cover celebrating the 35th anniversary of Dark Horse Comics, this 148 page monster magazine is chock full of great content:

Tripwire celebrating 60 years of Marvel’s favourite family the Fantastic Four With John Byrne, Walter Simonson and Brian Michael Bendis; Happy 40th birthday Indiana Jones: celebrating four decades since the first appearance of Lucas and Spielberg’s adventurer with exclusive chat with legendary poster artist Drew Struzan (Indiana Jones, Star Wars); An exclusive chat with Liam Sharp about his creator-owned work, Batman: Reptilian and more; 40 Years of An American Werewolf in London, Comic Creator photos of key figures like Alan Moore, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walter Simonson and others by Tripwire editor-in-chief Joel Meadows; Scott Braden’s Lost Tales: Alan Weiss’ Batman plus much more.

Its archive section this time around features classic interviews with the late, great Joe Kubert, an extensive career interview with Drew Struzan and acclaimed African-american comic writer-artist Kyle Baker talks about his project King David and more. Also the return of the Stripwire section including a new Sherlock Holmes and The Empire Builders strip by Tripwire editor-in-chief Joel Meadows and artist Andy Bennett, the strip which Jimmy Palmiotti said about it: “Joel Meadows is the right guy with the perfect voice to continue the adventures of the world’s greatest sleuth, Sherlock Holmes,”, a Fred The Clown one pager by Roger Langridge and the return of Kent Menace by Scott Braden, Jeff Dillon and John Charles.


This time around the campaign will include T-shirts, limited edition Muppet art prints, Tripwire cover prints and more. It will also offer limited edition Tripwire cover pastiche posters featuring reinterpretations of classic comic covers like New Teen Titans#1, Hulk Annual#1 and many more.

Tripwire continues to be read and appreciated by the movers and shakers in the comics industry:

Tripwire is always well researched and enthusiastic, by people who truly care about the importance of story. Its analytical without losing heart. – JH Williams III, Promethea, Echolands.

Tripwire covers such a wide variety of topics in the world of news, entertainment and the arts, and covers them so well, that it’s pretty much become my go-to source for what’s going on in media. I know if Tripwire is covering a subject, it’s not only interesting, fun and informative, it’s also legit.”– Blll Sienkiewicz, illustrator


Tripwire has been for nearly three decades the touchstone of comic book culture in the U.K and one of the leading periodicals dedicated to this narrative art form. Incisive, smart and always relevant. – Guillermo del Toro (Oscar winning director, The Shape Of Water)

In an industry and a world full of uncertainty, the constants that Tripwire offers in all its forms — great reporting, interesting information captivatingly presented, beautiful graphic design — are always a welcome thing. Joel Meadows and his team never fail to remind me why I love comics as much as I do, and why I feel the same about Tripwire, too.” – Chris Ryall, formerly of IDW

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