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It’s been a while hasn’t it? But you know what they say about absence and the effect that it has on the emotional conditioning provided by the vascular system, well in the five or something years that TRC have been away, that’s exactly what’s happened. And I’m sure that I’m not the only morose aging Hardcore kid who missed the shit out of them. So, the inevitable question is, are TRC as good as I remember them being? Of course they bloody are.  Hitting like an out of control juggernaut hauling TNT, Lifestyle is harder than a pissed off John Rambo on steroids, and is all about the bringing the pit into your living room with precision chug heavy riffing, beat-downs, breakdowns and tunes that you can slam, stage dive and sing-a-long with and to.  This is TRC doing what they did, and always will, do best. That is, putting the Hard in Hardcore.  Welcome back chaps…  Tim Cundle

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