Trapped Under Ice – Heatwave (Pop Wig)

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Okay, confession time.  Until I spent a glorious afternoon with Heatwave locked on repeat and occasionally trying to bust into some jerky weird old man with bad knees two step while imagining all the deliciously horrible things that I’d like to do to every cretinously ridiculous inbred moron who’d given me cause to vent my spleen, I’d never heard Trapped Under Ice. And boy oh boy, do I feel like a dummy for not taking the time to check them out before now. Hitting like a tag team comprised of Leeway and Terror delivering a series of pile-drivers and stone cold stunners to a bunch of over-the-hill, mullet having, loud mouthed lardy buffon opponents, Trapped Under Ice wrap their own patented brand of Hardcore up in a bullet proof, metal cloak and serve up each and every tune on this record as though they were perfectly executed finishing moves.  It’s one long (well, fifteen minutes long), good old fashioned “What the fuck just hit me?” moments that’s over before you know it and leaves you staggering around like you’ve just gone two minutes with Iron Mike Tyson and with a shit eating grin plastered all over your dopey, dumbstruck face. I like it. I like it a lot. And so will you. Tim Cundle

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