Tracklisting revealed for Ginge Knievil’s charity CD…

\"\"With presales opening this Thursday (1st November 2018), the tracklisting has been released for the charity CD compilation that goes by the name of Ginge Knievil’s Top of the Pops 2018. Based on Ginge’s reviews and interviews for Mass Movement, bands from England, Wales, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA have come together for a 42 track set that will benefit Mental Health Matters Wales.

Here’s the tracklisting in full…

Disc 1

The Chuck Norris Experiment – Eaten Alive (Single Version)

The DeadVikings – Racing With The Devil

The Good The Bad and The Zugly – Vik Bak Meg Satan

The Hip Priests – Dead By Sunday

Deathtraps – Track Marks and Lullabies

Flash House – Domestic Hiss

Scumbag Millionaire – White Flash

Christmas – Good Times, High Fives

The Turbo A.C.’s – You Will Lose

Nosebleed – I’m Shaking

Randy Savages – Doghoused

The DeRellas – Got Something To Say

Razorbats – Social Rejects

The Black Bullets – Dolls

Duck & Cover – Live It Up

DEMONS” – Baphomet Briefs

The Media Whores – Skinny

The X-Rays – Tim Motherfucker

Motherfuckin’ Motherfuckers – Lower the Bar

The DC Spectres – Vibrations

Ten Benson – Tits (Live at The Garage, London, 2003)

Disc 2

The Main Grains – The Rain Is Over Now

White Trash – Reverse Engineering

Faz Waltz – Julie

Role Models – Manette Street

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads – Bombs Away

The Speedways – One Kiss Can Lead to Another

Last Great Dreamers – New Situation

The Cheap Cassettes – Kiss the Arse of My Heart

The Dirty Truckers – Like Him

The Right Here – More Delusions

Zooparty ft. Glen Matlock & Brian James – Everything I Failed to Be

Tenplusone – Tattoos & Tiaras

Ill Fate – Pragmatic Patty

The Setbacks – Your Time

Justine and the Unclean – Be Your Own Reason

Superseed – No One’s Getting Out of Here Alive

Jaws of Deaf – Cupid Stunts

Stay Voiceless – Those Kids Have No Idea Whatsoever of What Went On at Stalingrad

Leathers – Working So Hard

The Troubled Bones – Ma Cherie

Watts – All Done With Rock ‘N’ Roll

More info can be found here


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