Torchwood: Soho style!


Torchwood is going back to a bygone era in Soho – Parasite. Six full cast audio adventures set in 1950s London are due to arrive in August 2020. 

This brand-new release swaps Cardiff for Soho, but it won’t all be department stores and West End shows for the Torchwood team as something evil is lurking on the streets of London. 

Tom Price and Samuel Barnet return as popular Torchwood characters, Sergeant Andy Davidson and Norton Folgate, stepping back in time to investigate hidden Nazi secrets. Joining them are a stellar cast, including Joe Shire (as Gideon Lyme), Dervla Kerwan (as Lizbeth Hayhoe), David Troughton (as Rigsby) and Franchi Webb (as Belle Epoch). 

 Enter the world of 1950s Torchwood! 

Gangsters are vanishing from the streets of Soho, there’s a deadly Nazi secret on the loose, and something’s moving in the smog. Norton Folgate should be sorting this out, but the Torchwood agent is in disgrace. Who’s going to save London this time? 

Writer and producer, James Goss said ‘“The fabulous thing about Torchwood as a franchise is that it spans a huge period, and there are chunks of it that are just worth exploring. We vaguely glimpsed 1950s Torchwood in the Doctor Who TV episode, The Idiot’s Lantern, and this new release is a real peep under the murky, awful bonnet. 

“As it’s set in the 1950s, it was obvious to follow the rhythm of the Quatermass serials – so there are six half-hour episodes. And, in the tradition of Quatermass, we start out in an office and end with the world in peril.” 


Director Scott Handcock added: “The 50s is a fascinating period. Yes, you have a bit more Received Pronunciation – especially with Norton, who throws in a dash of Polari every so often – but there’s a lovely mix of characters in this script, covering various classes and backgrounds.  

“As always with James’s scripts, the humour is contrasted with some genuine horror and drama. It’s a really strong character piece and, for a director, has some fantastic set pieces that test you as you leap around the schedule.” 

The six gripping episodes in Torchwood: Soho – Parasite are as follows: 

1. The Man from Room 13  

2. Meet Mr Lyme 

3. The Mould 

4. The Spread 

5. The Dead Hand 

6. The Liberty of Norton Folgate 

Torchwood: Soho – Parasite is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD box set at £19.99 or on download from the Big Finish website at £16.99.   

Torchwood fans can save money by pre-ordering Torchwood: Soho – Parasite as a bundle with Torchwood One: Latter Days (already released) from just £33. 

Please note that Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners. 

Please note that Big Finish has now re-opened its warehouse and commenced the shipping of back-orders. The mailout of collector’s edition CDs will still be delayed, but purchases of these CD titles will unlock a digital copy that can be downloaded or played on the Big Finish app immediately from the release date.   

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