Top Dog – S/T 7\” (Rebellion Records)

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This is Carlisle-based Top Dog\’s debut EP, and can be filed directly under the \”classic Britlish oi!\” section! All four songs stay true to the style, both musically and lyrically. Side one contains a couple of mid-paced stompers that have the hallmarks of old style Last Resort or The Business all over. Rough vocals, a chorus you can sing along to with a beer in your hand, job done. Side two steps the pace up a little, with \”Clockwork Warrior\” and \”Violence\” bringing in a bit of 4 Skins or The Warriors into the mix – as you can see these lads don\’t massively stray from the trad oi! path. There are no trips out to rock territory, no guitar solos or vocal harmonies along the way, this is meat and potatoes street-punk done the old way. Tom Chapman


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