Tommy Loose – (I’m Gonna) Tell God Everything (Tommy Loose Music)


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, meet Tommy Loose, your new favourite troubadour, whose mastery of the guitar and fragile, beautiful songs will make your heart beat a little slower and offer your soul a helping hand out of whatever doldrums it’s been cast into. Each and every song is a testament to the man’s lyrical and six-string ability, both of which far exceed the number of days he’s spent wandering the Earth.  Had a bad day? Feel like strangling your boss and dumping his body, wrapped tightly in a brick lined sack, into a water filled quarry where no-one will ever find it? Then take a deep breath, press play and let (I’m Gonna) Tell God Everything make everything that troubles you and eats away at your psyche fade into faint, indistinguishable background noise.  Bravo Mr Loose, bravo… Tim Cundle

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