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Tommy and June – S/T (Fat Wreck Chords) - Mass Movement

Tommy and June – S/T (Fat Wreck Chords)

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If you do this long enough, it’s easy to become jaded, cynical and to end up seeing music as nothing more than a commodity to be bought, traded and sold. It’s easy to stop seeing music as art, as a creative force that can change the world and to forget why you wanted to do this, and what made you start doing it, in the first place. And then a record like Tommy and June arrives and all of those feelings of cataclysmic despair and bitterness slowly begin to dissipate as it washes over you and renews the faith that you thought was irreparably lost.

I wish I could say that Tommy and June was a raging maelstrom of Hardcore energy and venom, and that it was speed, volume and intensity that brought me back to the path of punk rock righteousness, but it isn’t and it wasn’t.  Oh sure, they have their moments of raw, electrified fury, but for the most part Tommy and June is a hugely personal, reflective, semi-acoustic record that reaches into your soul and reminds you just how wonderful life, the world and music is. If Simon & Garfunkel been a couple of well-travelled, world weary punks, Tommy and June is the record that they would have built their careers on. Some records have the power to change everything.  This is one of them.  Tim Cundle

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